Friday, 10 February 2012

Pilates and magic rugs

In addition to weekly yoga, I have also started taking a pilates class to strengthen my core, which is also supposed to be really helpful for me when trying to recover from my hip operation.  Also, it is yet another form of exercise that requires a lot of lying down.  Sensing a theme here? 

Anyway, yesterday I didn't make it to my pilates class.  It starts right after work, which means that on Thursdays I have to be pretty sharp about leaving work on the dot in order to make it on time.  Last night I was held up and didn't make it.  The reason for this hold up?  An apparently 'magic' rug.  Yup.  You heard.

See, I am selling my house.  I bought it a while back to do up and live in but, for various reasons, things didn't quite pan out the way I expected (always annoying when life doesn't play ball) and now I am selling it.  And I am due to exchange contracts today.  Exciting stuff!

Which is why it came as something of a shock to receive a message from my estate agent right at the end of yesterday's working day asking me to confirm that the rug in the living room is included in the sale.  My reply?  "Um, no.  It's not.  Thanks."  The rug belongs to my mum and she lent it to me for the photos and viewings.  I figured that that was that.  Strange request, but now cleared up and I prepared to leave for pilates. 

But wait!  The rug saga continued.  Apparently the woman buying the property rang my agent, insisting she must have the rug.  It was an fabulous rug and, (wait for it!) it was only because of the RUG that they had put an offer in on the house.  WHAT??!  Not the new kitchen, or bathroom I had put in.  Nor the lovely new carpet.  No, no.  It was the rug! And apparently now the whole sale was hanging on whether or not she got the damn rug.  Seriously?

I don't like being blackmailed.  I certainly don't like being blackmailed over a rug.  Who does, I ask you?!  I politely suggested to the agent that she may want to rethink her strategy.  And her attachment to the rug.  Ok, ok, I wasn't that polite.  But the point was made.  In addition I pointed out that, if this rug was indeed so special as to sell houses in an instant, I CERTAINLY wasn't giving it up.  It's clearly a magic rug and I may need its powers in the future!   There aren't many magic rugs out there you know?  I mean, this is the first I have ever come across.

By the time this discussion had taken place, I had missed pilates.  All for a magic rug. 

I will let you know how the fight for the rug pans out today.  :)

firefly x

Update:  Sold the house and kept the rug! :)  Don't mess with me, people.  Seriously, don't mess. lol

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